Monday, 24 January 2011

Win or Lose (Flash Fiction 165 words)

‘It‘s a gift,’ he beamed

‘But a gift demands a gift?’ The caution  in her words was beaten by the avarice that shone in her eyes.

‘You’ll get your chance to repay me,’ he reassured.

Sarah, bowed her head, her eyes wide with excitement. The sunlight glinted off the handlebars of the brand new racing bicycle.

The muscles in her legs burned from the exertion. Her heart beat heavily against her ribcage. The sweat dripped from her forehead, stinging her eyes. The finish line was only meters away. A final thrust with her legs and the front wheel crossed the white line.

Cheers, whistles and a thunder of applause rent the air, but all Sarah heard was a soft whisper in her ear. ‘A gift demands a gift.’

With an unseen swipe of a clawed hand, the demon took his prize. Sarah’s body slumped over the handlebars. The racing bike slewed to one side and skidded down the road, as the demon swallowed her soul.

© Lindsey Chapman - 

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